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The Gao Xingjian Lecture Office is meant to promote and implement Chair Professor Gao Xingjian’s creative ideals, hoping that NTNU can kickstart the “New Renaissance Movement” that Professor Gao so looks forward to. Chair Professor Gao Xingjian is an internationally recognized playwright, artist, and writer. He holds the Nobel Prize in Literature and is highly respected worldwide. NTNU invited him to be a chair professor in 2010 and awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2017. In recent years, Professor Gao has developed close ties with NTNU. Professor Gao is very fond of NTNU and supportive of this program. He looks forward to working with NTNU to promote his creative philosophies.

NTNU has already established an inter-college course: “The Literature and Art of Gao Xingjian,” which is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The course is taught by teachers from the College of Liberal Arts, College of Music, and College of Arts, covering aspects like literature, drama, dance, and painting, so that NTNU’s students and teachers may discover the artistic style of this Nobel laureate.

In addition to the course, the program plans to launch an annual “Gao Xingjian Week” series of events, with lectures, guided readings, and drama screenings to introduce more students and teachers to the works of Gao Xingjian and allow participants to experience the multi-faceted nature of Gao Xingjian’s works through different event formats.