Gao Xingjian Center 高行健資料中心


Nobel Literature Gao Xingjian is a chair professor of NTNU and has received an honorary doctorate from NTNU. In 2021, NTNU Library established the Gao Xingjian Center, which houses precious manuscripts, prints, and documents donated by Gao Xingjian, to emphasize Professor Gao and NTNU’s deep academic connection over the years and promote research on the literature and art of Gao Xingjian.

“The universal value of his works, the unforgettable insights, and the rich wit of his language have opened up new avenues for Chinese novels and artistic plays.” -Laudatory address in 2000, Swedish Royal Academies
“His works integrate the thousands of years of wisdom of China and Asia, while wonderfully absorbing the great classics of Europe, blending the East and the West, which is a rare and precious feat.” -Laudatory address, 2018 Premio Roma

We sincerely invite you to donation to support NTNU’s efforts to curate and research the works of this first Chinese Nobel laureate in literature and embark on a “New Renaissance” of the generation with the “Taiwanese civilization and wisdom” so highly praised by Gao Xingjian.

To donate, please visit the Give to NTNU donation website, select "Restricted Gift" in the Gifting Category section, and fill in "Gao Xingjian Center." Donation hotline: 886-2-77491036| Email address:

Those who donate over NT$1,000 will receive a Soul Mountain folder. Those who donate over NT$10,000 will received a limited edition copy of Gao Xingjian’s Requiem for Beauty published by NTNU and a canvas totebag.