In the 1940s, the thundering sound of fighter jets in the sky

was the prelude to war.


Taihoku Higher School’s liberty and autonomy

attracted many youngsters who were looking forward to a bright future ahead.

Getting into the school pretty much guaranteed future success.


But then the war broke out, gradually stripping away the liberal social climate...

Nekono loves literature and was looking forward to life at Taihoku Higher School.

He thought he'd be enjoying the thrill of pursuing knowledge,

but everything was changing so fast.

His roommate, Inuyama was drafted and sent to the front line in the Philippines,

and his classmate, Mikawa almost died in an air raid.

Mikawa gradually came to know the horrors of war...

The wheel of history was spinning out of control. Facing the cruel onslaught of war, how would these lost teenagers rediscover hope?

Formerly an animator, A-Ning is working as an art designer at a game studio currently.
He worked on animes like Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel 2, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titans, etc., and was the animation supervisor of RE-MAIN.
He enjoys black tea.

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