Student life

The first club which was established at NTNU was the Peking Opera Study Society in 1949. In 1950,  drama club and wind ensemble were founded. In subsequent years, the numbers of clubs and societies has been increased. Today, there are 127 clubs and societies in total. Their activities are diverse and educational and can be grouped into four categories: 1. Enrichment of the mind with emphasis on research, carrying on of cultural legacies, promoting appropriate religious faith; 2. Improving quality of life, emphasizing interests and hobbies, establishing correct life values; 3. Promotion of suitable recreational activities, strengthening the body, promotion of a spirit of cooperation and teamwork; 4. Service to society, care for minority groups, promotion of conservation and ecology. Furthermore, clubs and societies utilize summer and winter vacations to participate in activities and performances nationwide and even overseas, or provide community service and voluntary work, or conduct research and studies. They fully express the spirit of giving back to society.

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