Prologue to Unveiling

2022 marks the centenary of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and also represents an important milestone. The sturdy foundation of talents cultivated over the past 100 years has gradually blossomed and borne fruit—our alumni shine in various fields, opening up exciting new chapters. At this momentous occasion, the exhibition is themed A Hundred Years of Archives, Treasures of a Century in order to bring to life the historical records of NTNU. The artifacts collected by NTNU over the past century are transformed into sights, people, and memories to present the history of the university across generations in a non-linear narrative.

This special exhibition is divided into four themes. The first theme, "The Journey of Retrospection", describes the different memories that NTNU carries on from different periods and the forces that shaped our diversity, as to shed light on the context of our history and how it intertwines with the history of the world/Taiwan. The second theme, "Co-Writing the Poems of Youth", presents the everyday life of students and teachers through the evolving campus scenery to uncover the sights and sounds of NTNU as experienced by different generations. The third theme, "A Lasting Conversation", seeks to piece together the traces of active participation in society by contemporary NTNU alumni and to reflect on the scope and comprehensiveness built across the university's history. The fourth theme, "The Convergence of Memories", uses the centenary celebration and commemorative events as a starting point to discuss the common language of NTNU alumni and to demonstrate the unity and continuity of collective memory. Through the integration of themes and the use of shifting narrative perspectives, we hope to set a stage for NTNU's historical artifacts to speak their stories.

Now, let's unpack the treasure chest layer by layer, witness the transformation of the times, and continue to write down countless touching stories!

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